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Terms of use

Engage Project (Business Terms)

Engage Project's website operates within these terms for any person, company and organisation as well as service known as registrants to automatically accept at sign up.

Engage Project is for any person, company and organisation as well as service to request or complete services known as professional agency engagements. Engage Project's registrants will use this business-to-business website in accordance with these commercial terms for reference, which may change as and when necessary without any notice.


Any person, company and organisation or services retains ownership to their text, pictures as well as other material they create within this website. Companies, organisations and services authorise others to utilise their material in accordance with service requirements as well as allow Engage Project to file information or data then update any changes if necessary for project posts. However, any other rights are not transferable from companies and organisations or services unless with specific agreement. Responsibility for material is with companies, organisations and services who produce it to participate at Engage Project's website. Engage Project has every right to remove any material when necessary for any reason whatsoever.


No guarantee from Engage Project is given for any business project output, outcomes and benefits or disbenefits to entities. Companies, organisations and services are responsible for their own actions as well as they must estimate reliability before engagement acceptance. Engage Project will not under any circumstances be liable for damage, causation or effect to businesses and organisations as well as services. Companies, organisations and services may not store information at Engage Project with any expectation for it to remain there indefinitely.


Engage Project has every right to remove any person, company and organisation as well as service from this website or terminate their right to utilise this service for any specific reason without any liability and remediation or compensation whatsoever.


Applicable jurisdiction for these business terms is any country where companies, organisations and services have legal registration to engage. In case engagements occur in another country different to both parties then the region's legal system will apply, unless relevant government law stipulates any other requirement.