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Privacy Policy

Engage Project (Privacy Policy)


Person or legal entity who registers at Engage Project's website, such as any businesses and organisations as well as services.


Private and commercial information necessary to ensure communication for Engage Project, viewable by services and businesses. Information is not transferable, except for data at servers with third party providers to store it internally and securely.


Information storable at registration to facilitate Engage Project, which includes:

  • Name, email and phone number as well as street address
  • Username and password (secure encryption)
  • Descriptive text registrant record or reference about their person or entity
  • Commercial request registrant posts to other registrants for services
  • Reviews, suggestions and recommendations as well as any feedback
  • Statistical data about service usage

Information Source

Information provided by any registrants at registration to Engage Project then thereafter.

Information Transfer

Information research to facilitate Enage Project may occur as per the Terms of Use and any registrant accepts this before they utilise Engage Project's website, researchers will not publish any research outcomes with identifiable information or reveal specific details so as not to jeopardise registrants in anyway.

Information Transfer Not Within European Community (EU) and European Economic Area

It is possible for Engage Project to store information at any server not within Europe or the European Economic Area.

Register Protection Principles

Information at servers is held with restrictive access by the host service provider to reduce any breach incidence.